Chuck Your Cheese

What if what you eat could do more than just satisfy your taste buds? What if I said you could be helping mother nature while you eat? While simultaneously intaking major nutrients, saving money and thriving in a cruelty free lifestyle?

Get a Free ‘Piece of Cake’!

Well that’s not a headline you’d usually expect to see on a health coach’s blog. But here we are BECAUSE I wrote an e-book (being locked down in a worldwide pandemic can make a girl do some random things). My book is now free on the Amazon Kindle app! If you feel so inclined, I […]

Loving Thyself

I’m sure the majority of people that wander over yonder are here looking for health advice because that hunt usually starts with a web-search of veganism or plant-basedism or just the word “health”. From a young age, I had trouble spelling health so I remembered it was heal with a “th” at the end. As […]


To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of faux meats. When I think of the word faux I think of fur and that doesn’t sound appetizing to my very tended to taste buds. The only way I, usually, rave over plant-based meat is when its slathered in whatever magic sauce they use at […]

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